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Boxes of Oil Eater Degreaser & Oil Eater Cleaner

Automotive Performance Chemicals and Lubricating Chemicals.

Our Automotive Chemical line includes Pennzoil, Quaker State, Gumout, Slick 50, Berkebile (2+2), Penray products, and Mechanics Brand. We carry most of the primary necessities for your shop.

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Gumout is professional-grade producer of fuel system cleaners and additives. To learn more about Gumout products, click here.

If you are a professional installer, ask your salesman for more information.

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Penray + Super X

Penray is a producer of high-quality service products, oil and fuel additives, cooling system treatments, and other products that improve and extend vehicle performance. To learn more about Penray products, click here.

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2+2 Berkebile

2+2 Berkebile offers a large selection of vehicular lubricants and performance products. To learn more about Berkebile products, click here.

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Mechanics Brand

From tire inflator to glass cleaner, from brake fluid to rust buster, Mechanics Brand offers a selection of automotive chemicals as particular and diverse as your automotive needs.

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Oil Eater/Degreaser

If you are working with lubricants, you and your workspace will get dirty. To help you get clean again, John R. Young & Co. is proud to carry Oil Eater Cleaners, a multipurpose biodegradable cleaner and degreaser for use at home or at work. With Oil Eater degreaser products, you can effectively clean spills or simply curb them all together.

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Oil Eater Cleaner / Degreaser bottles