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Shell is a global company distributing numerous petroleum products. Among the company’s many specialties, Shell is a producer of high-quality lubricants. As Shell distributors, John R. Young & Co. is proud to supply our customers with Shell lubricants. Shell lubricants includes the following product lines: Spirax, Tellus, Gadus, Omala, Corena, Morlina, Mysella, Rotella, Rimula, and Formula Shell.

Shell industrial lubricants include: Tellus Hydraulic Fluid, Omala Industrial Gear and Bearing Oil, Corena Air Compressor Oil Spirax Axle and Transmission Oils, Tellus Hydraulic Fluid, Gadus Marine Grease. Shell automotive lubricants include: Omala Industrial Gear and Bearing Oil and Corena Air Compressor Oil, Morlina Marine Bearing and Circulating Oil, Mysella Stationary Gas Engine Oil, and Rotella Engine Oil.

Shell transport lubricants include Rimula Truck and Heavy Duty Engine Oil, Spirax Synthetic Gear Oil Rotella Heavy Duty Engine Oils and coolants. Click here to learn more about the Shell brand.

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Shell Transport Lubricants

Shell’s transport lubricants are crucial to keeping your vehicle on the road as safely and consistently as possible. Shell services a wide range of transportation roles. Shell products are useful in fleet shipping, owner-driver shipping, bus and coach transportation, construction, agriculture, railroad, and mining, quarry, and cement operations. John R. Young & Co. is proud to distribute Shell’s Rotella and Rimula lines for specialized, heavy-duty diesel engine care.

  • Fleet
    Shell can help lower your cost per mile.
  • Bus & Coach
    Your customers depend on reliable services. Shell offers cost-effective solutions to achieve their satisfaction.
  • Construction
    Depend on Shell to keep machinery ready for you when you need it.
  • Agriculture
    Continue to grow your business with Shell.
  • Owner Driver
    Shell’s services can protect your truck and livelihood.
  • Railroad
    Continue business on track with Shell’s support.
  • Mining, Quarry & Cement
    Regardless of operating conditions, Shell’s products can work through the toughest environments.
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Shell Industrial Lubricants

Shell industrial lubricants serve a range of industries, including food and beverage, power generation and transmission, metalworking, and manufacturing. For more information on Shell’s many industrial solutions, click here.

  • Food & Beverage
    Enhance your facility’s operation with food grade lubricants from Shell.
  • Power Generation & Transmission
    Shell can meet the needs of the Power industry with a broad range of industrial lubricants.
  • Metalworking
    Shell provides a widespread line of metalworking maintenance services and fluids.
  • Oil & Gas/Petrochemical
    Shell offers unsurpassed protection for Natural Gas business with industry-specific lubricants.
  • Manufacturing
    Enhance your operation with approved fluids and greases.
  • Pulp & Paper
    Pulp and paper prices are unpredictable, and we appreciate creating and maintaining a competitive advantage within the industry.
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Shell Automotive Lubricants

Shell continually applies its scientific ingenuity to develop more clean and effective automotive lubricants. We are proud to carry Shell’s products for all your automotive needs. To learn more about Shell’s automotive lubricants, click here.

Shell Services

Value-Driven Solutions - Shell Products PLUS Services delivers value-driven solutions for industry that are designed to increase efficiency and improve bottom-line performance. To learn more about Shell services, click here.

  • Shell LubePlanner
    After reviewing plant operating conditions and equipment, Shell can develop a customized lubrication program for your facility.
  • Shell LubeExpert
    Avoid premature equipment failure with in-depth fluid and equipment analysis to identify any insufficiencies.
  • Shell LubeAnalyst
    Obtain precise measurements of equipment conditions and oil levels.
  • Shell LubeReclaim
    Work with localized specialists to deliver fast, dependable service at your facility.
  • Shell LubeVideoCheck
    Obtain an interior view of engine components without dismantling the engine itself with state-of-the-art digital fiber optics.
  • Shell LubeEquipment
    Receive Shell-negotiated equipment pricing through our partnership with American Lubrication Equipment Corporation.
  • Shell Fleet Management Program
    Discover our new and exciting service on managing your fleet by talking with Shell experts.
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The Ecobox System

One product that we highly recommend to fleet managers and auto maintenance facilities is the Shell Ecobox. This will help you store, manage, and deliver oil more efficiently, and with less plastic waste than using conventional quart bottles. The Shell Ecobox System will help you store, manage, and deliver oil more efficiently, and with less plastic waste than using conventional quart bottles.

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