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Automotive equipment wholesalers and consumers have a responsibility to the ethical and purposeful disposal of waste products and used fluids. Disposing of used fluids is always a challenge and Balcrank products makes fluid disposal and many other jobs easy and efficient.

We are happy to endorse and sell the line of Balcrank products and Balcrank lube equipment.

"Balcrank is one of the oldest manufacturers of automotive lubrication products. Since its beginning, we have been providing our customers with the best products for the ever changing Automotive Commercial and Industrial markets. Our products service automotive quick lubes, dealerships, fleet, and commercial vehicle centers."

Balcrank Product Offerings

  • Fluid Pumps
  • Reels
  • Control Handles
  • Fluid Inventory Control
  • Tank Packages
  • DEF Products
  • Used Fluid
  • Accessories & Supplies

Here is a description of some of the balcrank fluid pumps that might fit your automotive needs:

Lynx Series Pumps: The Lynx series oil pumps are designed for lower volume applications of synthetic and petroleum oils. Ideal for the small service shop and tire centers providing oil change services. Also perfect for small pump, tank, reel dispense packages.

Pride Series Pumps: The Pride Series pumps are designed for medium volume applications using petroleum and synthetic based oils. The mechanical air motor design is perfect for more severe environments where moisture is present in the air supply.

Lion Series Pumps: These pumps have larger air motors and an excellent choice for large automotive dealerships, fleet, construction, and heavy-duty applications where longer pipe runs, and high volume dispensing is required.

AODD Pumps (air operated double diaphragm): Balcrank's CenterFlo AODD pumps are designed for high volume fluid transfer, short pipe runs, used oil evacuation, windshield wash, and anti-freeze applications.

We're a proud Balcrank distributor offering pumps, hose reels, and more at superb pricing and unmatched service!

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